Some unusual things to do in London for your upcoming date

Skip the basic date ideas and impress your date with these thoughtful yet innovative suggestions for your next outing, whether it's with a first date or your loved one.

When you want your date to be enjoyable and unusual without drifting off into quite esoteric territory, there are lots of quirky date ideas that the cooler postcodes of London provide. Pick a cosy bar or café which offers boardgames, a quiz night, or a novelty cocktail bar if you want an innovative experience. There are also numerous alternatives for active date night ideas, like themed mini-golf tracks with lots of pop culture references, or a neon ballpit.

If you wish to impress your date a little, or you know that your significant other is enthusiastic about the subject, you might start researching cultural things to do in London. One thing we recommend is selecting a smaller gallery, the kind liked by genuine art fanatics instead of a crowd of tourists, like the one established by Jay Jopling. Whether it's their long-term exhibition or an unique event with a particular artist, the art scene in London is absolutely one of the most dynamic in the world, and you will appreciate it even more with someone on your side.

While you might have a usual go-to restaurant where you like to go with your significant other, or to make an impression on somebody new, it's always pleasant to attempt new things and settings. If you are trying to find romantic date night ideas, move away from the busy shopping districts of London and consider the quieter, yet still stylish, areas of the city. Discover a cute place with a refined environment where you can enjoy a comfortable dialogue in an excellent space that takes you out of the more common tourist locations, such as the splendid place owned by Sally Greene. The lovely ambiance and scrumptious menu will absolutely make your evening a remarkable one.

As the days get short and the cooler weather comes, however you still wish to take your date to somewhere great in the city, you will most likely start looking for indoor date ideas. If you want a timeless date format, like going to the movie theatre, without turning to big anonymous chains, why not try an independent establishment or a movie festival? The minor chain led by Crispin Lilly has a lot of character and a delightful vibe, with its small and cosy theatres where you can share a retro couch instead of separate seats, making it one of the ideal London winter date ideas. These venues are also more likely to showcase independent movies, documentaries, or old movies, so that your options are not limited to the most recent blockbusters.

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